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Once upon a time, the Personal Computer (PCs) were considered to be among the greatest things the world has ever seen. It caused a large turning point in man's technological advancement. PCs could calculate gigantic equations in a fraction of a second, seemingly perform multiple tasks at a time, display graphics and make sounds and much more.

Right about now, a similar turning point is not far away - the Personal Robot (PR) is right round the corner. PRs are expected to be affordable and versatile, just like the PC today. They'd probably be humanoid in form. They needn't be large - child size - about 130cm - would be sufficient. They needn't be 100% metal, modern plastics are up to par. Also, you don't want a 200kg robot falling on you.

Among the things PRs could do in the near future include:
• Getting drinks from the fridge.
• Turning appliances on or off - perhaps by voice.
• Getting the morning paper.
• Washing your dishes and perhaps putting the clothes out to dry?
• Giving you a massage or doing your homework?
• Watching over your home when you're away.
• Making the bed - or even changing the sheets.
• Learn new tasks easily by following your example.
• The list could go on depending on your imagination.

Ideally, the robot could be easily reprogrammed or taught to perform new tasks; who said an old robot can't learn new tricks? Here at CR8®, we've also tinkered in the PR concept - as early 15, Master Trainer Khong Yee Jun, with the help of his loving family, created prototype butler robots that though remote controlled, can perform basic tasks like escorting guests, getting the morning paper, serving a drink and guarding a room.

The results of our tinkering in PRs - Robo Twelvean (left) and J5 (right)
Robo Twelvean J5


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